How Digital Marketing Can Take Your Startup To A Higher Level

Running a startup and surviving the cut-throat competition is an achievement. There are myriad of things that need attention like finances, managing the product, building relationships with clients, and more. Everything requires exhaustive research and an eye for detail. Luckily, digital marketing can help with some of these challenges.
If you follow suitable strategies and techniques, digital marketing can be a blessing to your business. It can eventually grow your consumer base and expedite sales. Below are some of the techniques we successfully practice and implement in our agency's digital marketing campaigns that can work for any startup:
SEO plays a leading role in the digital marketing world. It boosts and optimizes a piece of content's technical setup so that the pages are more likely to appear at the top of a search engine result. Our team follows a market analysis methodology, which includes talking to the client to understand their needs and researching their competitors. We then research and use keywords and write meta descriptions, which ultimately optimizes a website and improves performance.
To help gauge your client's needs, prepare a questionnaire form to be filled out by clients. Ours includes the details related to their industry, services or products they offer, their target audience, minimum and maximum budget and their goals in terms of revenue.
Intensive research and interactive meetings with clients helps us to find relevant keywords using the Keyword Planner tool. For competitive analysis, we use audit tools like SEMrush and Moz, which helps us in tracking the most effective keywords responsible for generating maximum traffic on competitors' websites. The on-page and off-page optimization then makes ranking more effective. Following this approach can be advantageous for startu


Pay-per-click advertising is basically an online marketing technique where you only pay for the ad when a consumer clicks on it. What adds a feather to the cap is that you can customize ads to appear when particular search terms are entered, developing ads targeted to a particular audience. Using this customization feature in our search campaigns and display advertisements has shown beneficial results for our clients.
Content Marketing
Content is ruling the world, and original and unique content is pivotal for the growth of every business. It incites and encourages digital marketing activities and acts as a pillar of SEO, which is not possible without quality content. Make sure content provides relevant information to the user, and make sure your content management team focuses on writing extraordinary and exclusive content with proper keywords.
Social Media Marketing
Essentially, every single person these days relies on social media to gather information either about a product or an organization. Because of that, social media has become an indispensable part of marketing. Branding your organization on social media platforms helps users have comprehensive knowledge of your brand.
Depending on your audience, use tools like Pinterest and LinkedIn, and communicate knowledgeable information to your brand's users through blogs and articles. This technique can boost traffic and convert potential clients into customers.
The Importance Of Digital Marketing For Startups
There are diverse reasons why startups should opt for a powerful digital marketing strategy:
Foundation Of Brand Identity
Brand identity refers to the components of a business like logo, font, tagline and other elements that vary it from its competitors. To reach clients, traditional marketing is definitely one option, but that requires hefty amounts of money, which is not feasible for startups. Online promotion and marketing establish brand identity in an effective and budget-friendly way. For online branding, use various channels like Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to communicate with your audience and spread the word.
Augmented Lead Generation
It is mandatory for a startup to convert potential clients into leads, a task that can be fulfilled by marketing experts. The best ways to generate leads include social media marketing, email marketing and content marketing. There are various sources, like e-books, webinars and newsletters, that convey the most appropriate information to clients and enhance lead generation.
E-books are a way to generate traffic using gated content. This strategy is basically putting your content behind a form that includes details like name, address and email, which helps in capturing information about the reader. Internet visitors won’t mind filling out the information in exchange for value, and the required information can be used for additional promotions such as email marketing.
Webinars allow for seamless interaction with the audience, building harmony and loyalty. Webinars are a way to engage prospects without being restricted to a particular location. The presentation should be carefully organized and managed for better results, which directly affects the number of leads.
Also, startups can make use of a call-to-action button on a social networking site like Facebook that directs visitors to their newsletter. It is important to write an enticing newsletter subject line. Having a goal in mind, like the number of recipients you want to respond, can generate maximum revenue for startups and can build good relations with prospective clients.
Conversion Rate Development
It is simple to evaluate digital analytics and strategies. We use Google Analytics, which can measure the amount of traffic, different regions of traffic and the number of visitors to your site pages. This can help you understand your bounce or exit rate and site speed, and also provides information about your conversion goals.

The contemporary world is all about technology and digital marketing. Developing and expanding your startup must go hand-in-hand with branding, and online marketing is imperative.

Karan Sharma
Community Voice
Forbes Agency Council
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