Product Placement in Movies - The Roommate

A modern update of 1992's Single White Female, psychological thriller The Roommate emerged as the cinematic victor of Super Bowl weekend. The film, #1 in North America with $15.6 million at the North American box office, is packed with brands — but very few stand out.

But this being a Sony Pictures production, it does not lack Sony products. And in the end, the most interesting plot twist of The Roommate is the ironic anti-Facebook Facebook-like site created for the film.

Co-starring Leighton Meester and Minka Kelly as the main characters, The Roommate's protagonist is an innocent young thing from Iowa come to the big city of Los Angeles to make it in the fashion world.
This focus on fashion provides numerous opportunities to name-drop designers Vera Wang, Marc Jacobs and, especially, Yves Saint Laurent.
The villain Rebecca may have gone off her meeds, but she has not gone off her fashion, toting a Goyard '$t. Loui$' tote and driving a Porsche (continuing the automaker's role as the choice ride of unsavory characters.)

As has become typical of Sony productions, every electronic item in the film is Sony-branded, from the Vaio computers to the digital camera to the Sony Ercisson handsets.

The Sony Vaio placements in The Roommate gives us an opportunity to dig up the now-ancient Apple Mac product placement in Single White Female nearly 20 years ago. Read the rest and leave comments on Abe Sauer's blog post.

Featured Brands: Bank of America, Brown University, Crayola, Goyard, I LOVE NY, Kaldi's Coffee and Tea, Kodak, Marc Jacobs, MINI, Mr. Coffee, Pepsi, Porsche, Prada, Seven Grand, Sony, Sony Ericsson, Sony VAIO, Vera Wang, Vogue, Wells Fargo, Yves Saint Laurent, Zippo, Zyprexa  
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