Bank Advertising Ideas

# In the days when most towns held only one bank, there was no need for banks to advertise. Today, though, with banks on almost every corner in most cities and offering similar services, financial institutions must advertise to survive. Many advertising methods work for banks, both traditional and unique. Try some of your favorite advertising ideas to see what works the best and then keep your marketing efforts strong by continuing to use those that seem the most effective.
Outdoor Signs
# If you have a fresh exterior, then people will be interested in what you have to offer inside. Make your signs large and noticeable. You may even want to invest in a digital sign near the entrance to your parking lot. Displaying the date, time and temperature will get people looking at your bank, and when they get your ad in the mail, they will have a location to associate with it.
Brochure Printing
# Brochure printing is an excellent way to present the benefits of your bank. Use brochure printing to describe the various types of accounts you offer. You can place these brochures around your lobby or even in other businesses. You can also send out brochures as direct mail to give prospects a little more information than a postcard can include.
Direct Mail
# Sending mail directly to a targeted mailing list of prospects is one of the best ways to get noticed. Direct mail, such as postcards that are not hidden in an envelope, is highly effective, since your message will be seen at a glance. Send out mail more than once to give prospects a chance to absorb your message. In "Consumer Behavior: The Psychology of Marketing," Lars Perner, Ph.D., states that repetition is one of the most important factors to successful exposure; the more a consumer sees an ad, the more likely they are to pay attention to it.
Word of Mouth
# Word-of-mouth advertising is still the top way to advertise. Make your customers happy and give them an incentive for referrals. For instance, offer a $20 deposit into their account when a friend opens an account with you.
Ads on Schedules
# Placing an ad on schedules, such as for sports teams, is actually a very inexpensive method of advertising. Place your bank ad on the front of the card underneath the schedule and sell the back side to local prominent business owners for their ads. Sports teams and schools can then distribute the schedules to fans and parents. Or each business that pays for an ad could agree to place schedules in their store fronts and offices. You could also send schedules with direct mail.
Print Sample Checks
# When you send out direct mail in an envelope or in a folded brochure, include a specimen check. Print out information about the different types of accounts you offer on the back. Sometimes seeing a check in the mail gets some attention. Prospects may read enough of the ad to get interested in what you have to offer.
Sponsor Local Teams
# Sponsors of youth sports teams get their name on the uniforms and banners at games. This is a great way to advertise and show that you are a part of the community. Every time the team steps out onto the ball field, your name will be seen by all the parents, grandparents and coaches attending the game.
Greeting Cards
# Check the newspaper for birth dates of new babies. Create and send a neat card that welcomes baby and offers a bank account for that new baby. One bank offered to donate $1 when the parent opened an account with $1. You could do the same with graduation cards, birthday cards, holiday cards and the like.
Give Away Freebies
# Order key chains, pens, notepads, calendars, cozies and more printed with your name and contact information, or compile recipes from your employees and create a cookbook. Although you will need to sell the cookbook at cost, most avid cooks do not mind paying a low price for such an item. You will get your bank's name into households, making it that much more memorable.
Host Events
# Hosting events at your bank location is a great way to get prospects to stop by, especially if your bank is on a busy street. Roast hot dogs and hamburgers, give away prizes, and invite other local companies to set up booths. Bring in some valued services or educational organizations, such as experts to check proper installments of car seats.
Floats in Parades
# A great way to draw attention to your bank is to participate in a local parade. The more heads your float turns, the better. If you can tie in a bank theme, all the better. Make it memorable and paste your bank's name all over it so there is no doubt to whom the float belongs.

By Tara Hornor, eHow Contributor
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