In the banking industry some use promotional pens and some use their free checking and savings accounts to gain new customers. Others in the banking industry try to advertise things like interest bearing accounts and some even offer free money to those who open an account.
Promotional Piggy Banks
Although, these items may serve as a draw for some, it can be a nice touch to offer promotional items that will serve a purpose in helping to stimulate savings and help people to keep their business and personal finances in order.
Recently a local bank gave some different promotions a try with much success. These banks offered additional advertising to some local businesses on their promotional products. They designed some nice promotional banks of varying colors and styles to give to those who opened a savings account. They also offered promotional calculators to those who were opening checking accounts.
The great thing about this form of advertising is that with the additional advertising from outside sponsors, they were able to create these incredible promotional items for their business for nothing, because they were able to take the money that they charged for the advertising, a minimal amount and use those funds to create the promotional items they desired. Everyone benefited from this venture. The bank got some free advertising. Other companies had the opportunity to get their business advertising spread throughout the town and the customers were thrilled with the fun and useful items that they were receiving for opening a new account.
This type of unique thinking is the way that businesses find to take promotional advertising to the next level. It is easy, but boring to follow in everyone else’s footsteps with your marketing ideas, creating your own niche in the field is the best way to build up customer rapport and to create a bigger impact with your advertising. Following the herd just doesn’t work well when promoting your business.
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